SC SEMBENELLI CONSULTING S.r.l was established in 1997 unifying the private practice of PIERO SEMBENELLI CONSULTANT, founded in 1983. SC was created to serve its present and future Clients through a more structured organization offering better  competence, increased strength and improved flexibility. Its original mission, that is to provide high level professional services for large civil engineering works world-wide, has been constantly pursued through time.

Starting from geotechnics, our vocational founding field, the company has successfully applied to other areas of the professional activity in response to its Clients’ requests.

The original concept promoting the individual involvement and responsibility proved successful and it has been one of our keystones in practising professional job and in serving the Clients. The first 30 years of activity have been a period of steady growth.

SC personnel is higly qualified and boasts international experience. More than 250 professional assignments have been carried out in over 45 different countries to the satisfaction of the Clients.

Since early 2015, SC is part of D’APPOLONIA S.p.A., with which it shares a common background in pioneering geotechnics.


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Brenner Basis Tunnel

SC SEMBENELLI CONSULTING, together with ROCKSOIL S.p.A, RPA S.r.l and GP Ingegneria S.r.l., has been awarded by SALINI-IMPREGILO for the Construction Project of the Lot for the Isarco rivir underpassing of the new high-speed/high-capacity raillway tunnel under the Brenner pass, between Italy and Austria (Client BBT-SE).


Rwanda Mini-Hydro

SC SEMBENELLI CONSULTING, in collaboration with SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A., has been awarded by REG-EDCL (Rwanda Energy Group) for the feasibility project of 8 micro and mini-hydro plant in North-western region of Rwanda, with a potential installed capacity from 500 to 4000 kW.


Riyadh Metro

SC SEMBENELLI CONSULTING has been awarded by the consortium CWG (Salini-Impregilo) for the assessment of the geotechincal and hydrogeological investigations of the new Line 3 metro line of Riyadh city (Saudi Arabia).

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